Building Inspection & Management

What is an Inspection?

It’s a check-up for buildings by a qualified specialist.

I.D.Works can inspect buildings according to survey items on Existing Building Condition Reports and we can suggest precise improvement plans in accordance with the result.
During renovation and reform, occasionally the condition becomes clear after dismantling buildings and there are some cases where it is necessary to recalculate the cost. Prior to dismantling buildings, we employ specialists on termite damage and water leaks. Addressing other issues in order to comprehend the condition of the building as much as possible, so that we can effectively plan strategies for the renovation and reform process.

Existing Building Condition Report

A home inspector who holds the Qualified Existing Building Inspector Certificate carries out the inspection.

Do you have any concerns about your buildings?

  • I am considering buying a second-hand house and renovating it, however I can judge the condition of the house by myself.
  • I would like to sell a pre-owned house/building and I would like to avoid trouble in handing it over.

Merits of Inspections

Smooth Planning Afterward
You can comprehend the condition of your property and it is easy for you to make a repair plan.
As a result, you can minimize unexpected expenses as much as possible.
Presenting the Property as Inspected
Once the property gets inspected, you can have additional value on it with safety and liability.
Also, it can become a reliable factor for the buyer to make a decision.
Trouble Prevention
After handing over the property, it is quite difficult to solve liability issues that emerge. Presenting and sharing the inspection report prior to the deal can relieve both sellers and buyers.
You can use defect warranty insurance for the existing home.
Both buyers and sellers can use defect warranty insurance for existing homes and also this insurance can show approval on earthquake resistance for the tax incentive. Especially, for those who consider purchasing pre-owned property with a housing loan, it is safe and beneficial.

You can see these through inspection

Condition of Exterior

The inspector carefully checks the foundation, exterior walls, roof, eaves, among others, for cracks, corrosion, and paint deterioration and the inspector also checks gaps and breaks on sashes by eye and hand.

Condition of Interior

The inspector checks warp on pillars, walls, and floors and also checks defects such as mold, water stains, peeling, among others, with inspection tools.
The inspector focuses on the main areas important for structural resistance.

Condition under Floor

The inspector checks the condition of tatami mats and space below the under-floor storage. The inspector checks not only the durability of the foundation and floor materials, but also the condition of the interface such as floating, corrosion, termites, etc. We don’t dismantle the floor for the inspection.

Condition of Attic

The inspector checks the condition of important beams and the structure of the attic which are structural elements for the house, with special focus on water leaks and worm infestation especially seen on pre-owned properties.

Condition of Equipment

The inspector carefully checks areas of water supply and drainage and also the ventilation system in the kitchen, bathroom, and washstand for the necessity of replacements.

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