Office Design

For a comfortable working environment, we design spaces with effectiveness and functionality
for our business and organizational customers.
We can arrange interiors and greenery for offices.

I.D.Works recommendation for Types of Design

Renovation type

Renovating old buildings into offices. Taking advantages of the potential of the existing building and renovating it for a more efficient and easy to use space

Brand New and Compact Construction Type

An efficient new construction with a compact and slick outlook. We create a comfortable office environment by using creative materials.


Renovation TypeArchitecture and Design Office

This renovation was combining two older buildings with separate meeting space and office space.
We renovated the space by emphasizing the existing beams and pillars and finished the details by selecting the quality of material.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Brand New and Compact Construction TypeLabor Management Office

A brand new building planned, designed and built with a focus on simplicity. The features of this new office are modern, simple and minimal. We created a clean and efficient space.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan


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