Spatial Design

Furniture and goods enriching quality to life.
Making use of our complete process from design to execution,
we arrange and coordinate the space with displays of objects,
curtains, greenery and goods among others to suit our customer’s lifestyle.
We propose a plan reflecting our customer’s interests
and providing comfort in accordance with their wishes and budget.


Spatial Design

nicori house

A colorful house realized through a renovation that was designed to recharge family members, reminding them to smile!
Making use of old elements, the floor plan was carefully arranged by considering flow and movement.
The house has private rooms for both hobby and work. It’s a wonderful house that brings bright, gentle and cheerful energy.

Spatial Design


A new building with full coordination of the I.D.Works concept was utilized for the creation of a new Italian restaurant.
For this project we started even earlier- from the very beginning, with I.D.Works initiating the seeds of the concept. From there we designed and executed the complete project, start to finish.
We realized a “fascinating” space in the details by carefully selecting displays,

Spatial Design

Picture Book House: Living on a Skip Floor

This is a house formed out of our customer’s preferences piece by piece. We started the design, elaborating on the family atmosphere and developed it based on a dining table and pendant light, which we suggested.
Pale colors and soft fabrics create a comfortable living environment.


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