Privacy Policy

I.D.Works Co., Ltd. has established a basic policy
for the personal information protection of our customers.
The personal information you provide will be handled based on this basic policy
for personal information protection. Please carefully review the policy.

The Basic Policy for Personal Information Protection

  1. We will use our customer’s personal information within the scope of the collection purpose under appropriate management. Unless there are special circumstances, we will not disclose or provide it to a third party without the consent of the customer.
  2. We maintain the accurate and up-to-date personal information of customers and take measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and / or leakage of personal information.
  3. We may use personal information provided by our customers for services to other customers, but not for other purposes. We handle the personal information you provide appropriately.
  4. If you wish to check or correct your personal information, please contact I.D.Works Co., Ltd. and we will respond promptly with a reasonable process.
  5. In addition to complying with the laws and regulations that apply to personal information held by I.D.Works Co., Ltd., we will maintain and improve the initiatives and protection activities in each of the above items.

January 2020 I.D.Works Co., Ltd.


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